Handcrafted 100% Natural Products

Natural Nirvana was created in Daytona Beach in 2012. Influenced by our son, Tony, who had a passion for healthy lifestyle. He was studying, and received, his college degree in Alternative Medicine. Throughout his college years, we became involved in reading and researching about the benefits of plants, essential oils, the holistic approach of care for the human body and the bad effects of chemicals and fragrances on our health.

Although, we had regular corporate jobs, the slowed economy of 2012, gave us a desire to start a new business to complement our incomes.

After a great deal of researching and testing, we created a line of handcrafted, 100% natural body products, that are reasonably priced, good for your health, and contains no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial fragrances.

We began by selling our products in a few gift shops in Daytona Beach with tremendous success. Right away, we had customers emailing us, asking where they could purchase more of our natural products. So, in 2013, we also created an online store.

Now, we both work doing what we love! We handcraft products that are 100% natural, and we feel good knowing that every item we sell is truly healthy for those that use it. We have now expanded to dozens of retail stores that offer our products in Florida, and we're available in other states, as well. We love when customers, visiting from all over the country, come to our shop at 5014 South Ridgewood Ave. Port Orange, FL 32118.

It is a rewarding feeling for us, to witness the continual growth in the thousand of people, that are tired of purchasing products that contain ingredients that can be harmful, and are instead buying products, like ours, that compliment our bodies in a natural way. 

Thank you for all of you that have supported us in this last 9 years, visiting us, sending emails, stopping to see us  at craft fairs and festivals, posting on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/naturalnirvanausa), or purchasing online!!

We look forward to the continued growth of our business, by always delivering the highest quality of products that are physically beneficial, and healthy to use.

Thank you very much, Regina and Anthony.